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Mega Man (Rockman) 10: Proto Man's Protobuster Cannon Cosplay Plush

Mega Man (Rockman) 10: Proto Man's Protobuster Cannon Cosplay Plush
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Mega Man (Rockman) 10: Protoman's Protobuster Cannon Cosplay Plush

This Mega Man cosplay plush featuring Proto Man's ProtoBuster Cannon is red with a yellow power indicator on the side is great for cosplaying all you have to do is to put your arm into the plush cannon and pretend to be Proto Man!.

From Wiki:

Mega Man 10 is a direct follow-up to Mega Man 9, which was released on the same three gaming services in 2008. Mega Man 9 was developed to resemble the original 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) entries in the Mega Man franchise. The positive response from fans and critics prompted Capcom to continue this same style in Mega Man 10. The tenth installment has also enjoyed a very favorable reception.

Mega Man 9 and 10  games have "retro" 8-bit graphics and sound, resembling the first six games in the original Mega Man series for the NES.

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